Financial Intermediaries

Financial Intermediaries

Crawford is well-suited to work with financial intermediaries, including banks, Registered Investment Advisors and broker-dealers. We provide separate asset management in equity, fixed income and balanced strategies. Our equity strategies feature these qualities:

  • Risk profile of low beta, low volatility and down-market protection.
  • Portfolio characteristics of high-quality, dividend growth and consistency.

Some of our equity strategies are also available in model portfolios and mutual funds.

Quality and income bias are woven into all of our investment strategies. Crawford Investment Counsel is known for its Dividend Growth strategy, with $1.6 billion under management. We can complement a more aggressive manager or establish a core portfolio for a client who is concerned about volatility. We also provide:

  • Accessibility
  • Simplicity of story
  • Attractive returns within a low risk profile

To learn more about our investment strategies and how you can access them:

For additional information, please contact Troy DeCastro.

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