Custom Portfolio Strategies


Crawford Investment Counsel’s Custom Portfolio Strategies are designed and created to meet specific objectives. The portfolio building blocks are Crawford’s proprietary investment strategies, which are strategically blended or customized to achieve client specific return, risk, and income objectives. Since client needs evolve over time, and as capital market opportunities change, the portfolio management process is dynamic, and the investment policy is modified as conditions dictate. Many of our investors own a balanced portfolio that is a bespoke combination of our proprietary stock and bond strategies. Portfolios are managed to reflect any unique client circumstances or needs, can be modified to reflect any environmental, social, or governance (ESG) priorities, and, when appropriate, are tax-managed. Our overall investment philosophy provides a foundation for our Custom Portfolio Strategies.

Balanced Portfolio

The balanced portfolio combines our stock and bond strategies and seeks to provide a lower risk, more predictable return option for clients. High-quality fixed income has been shown to be the best diversifier of risk in periods of stock market weakness. Our balanced account asset allocation is customized to meet clients’ objectives. The mix of stocks and bonds will typically be the most important decision in terms of risk and returns over time. Equity and Fixed Income research teams work with the portfolio manager to establish an asset allocation that attempts to properly balance clients’ goals and objectives, and secondarily, the firm’s outlook on capital markets.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

In an effort to honor a client’s beliefs and ideals, Crawford Investment Counsel can offer customized management solutions to avoid investing in companies whose businesses or business practices may be inconsistent. Always defined by the client, the investment team has the capability to run multiple screens and filters to both eliminate and prioritize investments that complement a client’s underlying views while maintaining Crawford’s philosophical approach to investments.

Tax Management

It’s not what you make, but what you get to keep that is important for taxable investors. In tailoring the client’s investment policy statement, Crawford seeks to understand the client’s unique tax circumstances. While Crawford’s long-term approach is low-turnover and naturally tax-efficient, proactive portfolio management of gains and losses occurs throughout the year in an effort to maximize after-tax results. Careful consideration, understanding of client circumstances, and individual portfolio management are keys to success in this area.

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

At some point, many investors need liquidity from their IRA portfolios to meet certain regulatory requirements like RMDs. By structuring a portfolio of high-quality stocks and bonds, Crawford seeks to balance income generation with capital preservation. The client’s investment policy statement further guides the asset allocation and considers liquidity, long-term objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance.