Stewardship. Simplified.

For the Long-Run.

For the endowment or foundation that values a high level of service and a proven track record. We are an independent, registered investment advisor trusted by endowments and foundations for over 40 years to manage their investment program and fulfill their fiduciary duty.

Let us help you meet spending needs, cover expenses, and ultimately produce sustainable, long-term growth for your organization.

Objectives-Based Investing.

We understand the pieces of the investment equation your organization is juggling. We seek to meet and exceed client objectives by strategically blending our proprietary investment strategies into a portfolio that is designed to satisfy your organization’s risk, income, and total investment return objectives.

We are an investment-led organization, seeking to provide our clients with sound results over full market cycles. As long-term investors, we strike a favorable balance between risk and reward, and our clients experience the advantages of remaining invested and compounding returns over time. We accomplish this through high-quality investments that we believe meaningfully increase our chances of success.


Years of Experience


Proprietary Stock and Bond Strategies



Firm AUM; 1.4B Non-Profit AUM


Founding Relationships Are Still with the Firm Today.


Employees; 100% Employee-Owned; 12 CFAs and 3 CPAs.


Client Asset Retention Rate


Components of Endowment & Foundation Success...


We understand the mission and responsibility you have. As your investment manager, we assume fiduciary duty and guide you through the investment management process.


We do the fundamental work ourselves, building your portfolio from the bottom up and ensuring only the securities we believe have the greatest chances of success make it into your portfolio.

For the Long-Run

Our ultimate goal is to apply our time-tested investment philosophy to enable your organization to enjoy the benefits of remaining invested and compounding returns over time.

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