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Investment Process

Proprietary in-house research offering stronger risk management, income production, and a single layer of fees

Time-Tested, Consistently-Applied Investment Philosophy

Crawford was founded on the trust of a single non-profit client with a mandate for both growth and income. For over 40 years, we have maintained the belief that owning high-quality, income producing securities gives endowments and foundations the greatest chance of success.

We invest so that only the securities we believe have the greatest chances of success make it into your portfolio. The firm has a very well-aligned, active investment process and philosophy. We utilize proprietary strategies, because we believe that gives our investors the greatest chances of success. We have six equity strategies, one multi asset strategy, and three fixed income strategies that we blend together to meet your specific objectives.

Investing for the Greatest Chances of Success

Our strategies are designed to participate when the market is rising and protect capital when the market is falling, affording your organization security, the ability to meet spending needs, and confidence in the growth of your assets over time. We strive to accomplish this through high-quality investments that smooth out the ride, enhance the pattern of returns, and provide a consistent stream of income. Risk management is structurally built into our investment process.

We Call It a Common-Sense Approach to Investment Management

  • Investing in individual high-quality, income-producing securities narrows the range of potential investment outcomes.
  • This in-turn mitigates the likelihood of permanent loss of capital and enhances the pattern of returns.
  • Consolidating assets under one manager enables a single, transparent layer of fees.

Contributors to Your Organization's Success



  • Confidence in owning high-quality, individual securities.
  • Enjoying the benefits of income and growth of income with a high level of risk management.


  • Transparency down to the security level.
  • Clear and comprehensible reporting.


  • Time tested, consistently applied philosophy.
  • Enabling your organization to stay invested over full market cycles.


  • Fundamental, bottom-up security analysis process.
  • High level of sector expertise



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