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Crawford Equity Strategies


Equity Strategies Overview

“Our investment strategies focus on high-quality and fundamentally-sound securities that are well-positioned for the longer term. Providing excellent downside protection is an essential part of our investment approach.”

John H. Crawford, III
Chairman and Chief Investment Officer

Our equity strategies are designed to provide attractive long-term returns while protecting capital in down markets. A common theme across our equity products is the identification of undervalued, high-quality companies that have consistently growing businesses, pay dividends and have strong balance sheets.

We focus on stocks with a history of paying dividends. Dividends are important from an income standpoint, but they are also an indicator of quality and business consistency. The goal is to provide an equity portfolio that offers value and produces above-average dividend yield and above-average dividend growth. We believe this will lead to competitive returns over a full market cycle and a lower-than-average risk profile.

Crawford Economic Outlook
Q2 2021

As we look forward to the remainder of this year, we're encouraged that there's really a lot of fuel for economic recovery.

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Economic & Market Updates