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Small Cap

The Crawford Small Cap Strategy seeks total return in a less efficient area of the stock market while at the same time attempting to exploit a behavioral bias amongst investors.

Investment Philosophy

  • Focused, yet well-diversified portfolio comprised of our best ideas is constructed with 60 - 80 holdings
  • Sector exposure limited to the greater of two times the Russell 2000 Index sector weighting or 25%
  • The focus on stable, high-quality companies is a structural risk control component of the investment process
  • Available via Mutual Fund and Separately Managed Account
Small Cap Funnel

Investment Process

The goal of our investment process is to identify high-quality companies and invest in them when risk/reward is positively skewed, which often occurs when short-term business conditions deteriorate or other market conditions pressure valuation. Learn more about our approach by accessing our Investor Presentation: 

Investor Presentation

Investment Team

Our firm's greatest assets are our people. Our dedicated and capable team is committed to client success and client satisfaction, with consistency and quality. The firm’s dedication to integrity, best-in-class asset management, client service, and the culture of collaboration and professional dedication augurs well for a bright future for the family-run firm, its professionals, and its clients. Learn more about the Crawford Team:

Our Team


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Strategy Fact Sheet
Investor Presentation
Investor Presentation
Quarterly Update
Quarterly Update

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